112th Street

Central Park West is my favorite route home. I don’t really know why. But it’s bright and quiet and more homey than its eastern counterpart.

It’s better than any other avenue for forward dancing–maybe because it’s slightly less pretentious than 5th Avenue and more deserted than West End or Amsterdam.

Forward dancing is my new hobby and a daily practice in self-acceptance. It takes guts to prance and groove along the cobblestone path (à la Footloose) with a complete stranger walking toward you.

They usually stare and walk on without comment. Sometimes they laugh nervously. The real annoying ones peg themselves with a “Why are you doing that?” as if anybody ever needed a reason to dance.

Don’t you want to dance like in the movies? Don’t you want to set your feet to what your heart feels? Don’t you wanna cut loose?

Streets Walked: Clarkson St. to Hudson to 8th Ave. to Central Park West to 110th St. to Manhattan Ave. to 112th St. to Madison Ave. to 118th St. Home


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