31st Street

I’ve had a helluva month, and not the good kind of “helluva,” I’ll have you know. Unforeseeable and unavoidable events have kept me from applying to the Flatiron School in a timely fashion, and I’m awfully terrified I’ve missed the boat. I can’t let myself think about it too much, or else I’ll get discouraged, and there’s no time for that now.

There’s not really any time for walking home at night either, which is why I’ve been decidedly absent as of late. It’s been quite a void in my life, really. Either I’ve been taking the shortest-possible and (consequently) already-traveled route uptown, or else I haven’t been walking home at all. My likely-nonexistent soul has been very very troubled as a result.

Tonight, despite the fact that every waking moment should be spent on completing my Flatiron School application, I allowed myself to walk home. (But only because I planned to rewatch Treehouse videos along the way.) I walked up Broadway to Centre to the Whole Foods on the Bowery, where I sat for three hours applying myself. After WF closed, I walked up 2nd Ave. to 31st, and then to Madison and up toward home. My stiff legs finally hit a groove around 45th St., and my leftover-from-Thanksgiving-leftovers stomachache was gone by the time I reached 92nd. It was rainy and cold, and I couldn’t feel my fingers, but I was downright comfortable nonetheless. I’ve missed it so.

I’ve missed Ruby, too. I begrudgingly took almost a week off for the holiday and for moving out of my old old house and for tending to ailing family members and for supporting distraught loved ones. It is strange to miss a machine, and I greatly missed my time with ol’ Ruby.

It is nice to miss work again. It has been years since I missed the work I was doing when I wasn’t doing it, and it is such a relief to find missable work again. I did it! I found missable work! And my missable work can become my missable job someday!

NOW, back to that application…

Streets Walked: Broadway to Park Row to Centre St. to Houston to 2nd Ave. to 31st St. to Madison Ave. to 118th St. to Home

Sights Seen: 24-hour rage


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