Carmine, 6th Ave., 102nd St., Park Ave., etc.

This guy was sitting in a wooden chair in the middle of the sidewalk on the SW corner of 6th Ave. and 14th St. around 10:15 p.m. tonight. Right in the middle of the sidewalk, near where the concrete starts to slope down to help those in wheelchairs roll down toward the crosswalk. He wasn’t holding a sign or asking for help, in fact, he looked like he could give us all some help, particularly in the form of style pointers. He looked like he a had just walked out of a Madewell catalog.

He was just sitting there, blocking the foot traffic in his kitchen chair. Not addressing the passersby, not addressing anything, just sitting there in his ugly chair.

It was odd and slightly off-putting, and I don’t know if it was delightful or inconsiderate, but I liked not knowing what I thought of it. I liked not understanding it. It’s nice to not have a reason for everything that you or others do.


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