The Flatiron School

I rode the 2 train down to the Financial District this morning so I could go look at The Flatiron School on its first day of the new semester. I just found out about the place a few weeks ago, and I discovered it too late to apply for this fall’s session, but now I am absolutely, fervently determined to attend in the spring. I just started to teach myself basic coding skills a few months ago–playing around with Codecademy courses starting in April and enrolling in the free online version of Harvard’s introductory computer science course in August. I love it. There is endless excitement in figuring out how to make something work, knowing that there are multiple ways of getting there, and seeing your own unique end result execute properly.

Flatiron’s exciting because their website says things like “We’re all adults (kinda)” and “You’ll be learning lots of new random skills, like maybe knot tying, beat-matching and DJ’ing” and “We didn’t find really great developers; we found really great people and told them how to code.” THAT’S exciting. Learning from a group of half-adults who are looking for the greatest, alive-est, well-roundedest bunch of folks to create more magic in the world. Dangies, that’s what I’m looking for.

I want to be a developer. What this actually, fully, extensively means I don’t yet know, but I do know that my flowiest, fulfillediest, excitedest moments over the past few months have all taken place while typing curly-braced nonsense on my computer. And it’s steadily becoming less and less nonsensical. A whole new world!

Streets Walked: Chambers St. to W Broadway to Barclay St. to Church St. to Park Pl. to Broadway to Beaver St. to Pearl St. to Maiden Ln. to Church St. to Barclay St. to Greenwich St. to Clarkson St. to Greenwich St. to 9th Ave. to Columbus to 110th St. to Morningside Ave. to 111th St. to Park Ave. to 118th St. to Home

Sights Seen: The Flatiron School building


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