Houston and Varick

Just a little walk on Spring Street for the first day of fall.

Then a turn up the highway and a little trot through the as-of-yet unwalked portion of Houston. Which I followed until I reached the ever-familiar intersection of Houston and Varick, which, oddly enough, looked wholly unfamiliar because I had approached it from a different angle. Strange how that works.

But I figured out where I was soon enough, and I kept walking across, and then up, and then across some more, and then eventually up Park Ave., where every couple I passed was displaying the art of passionate and violent kissing.

That, too, looked unfamiliar to me. Again, because I was approaching the scene from a different angle. Though, I haven’t visited that intersection as recently as I’ve visited Houston and Varick.


Clarkson St. to Hudson St. to Leroy St. to 7th Ave. to Spring St. to West Side Highway to Houston St. to Sullivan St. through Washington Square Park to 5th Ave. to 11th St. to University Place to Union Square West to Broadway to 22nd St. to Park Ave. to 42nd St. to Lexington Ave. to 118th St. to Home

Sights Seen: Kissing kouples


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