W13th and 24th and Rock Center

I’ve officially become one of those wretched people who feels that all of life would be good and right if only there were more time to go around. What insufferable people we are. Discontented and grumbling. If only I could master coding faster. If only I could finish that prodigious stack of library books before the fines started accruing. If only I could finally learn Spanish. If only someone else could live my life for me so I could start living my life.


It is true: my time management freedoms are limited at present. It’s also true: it sucks. My boss tells me when to come and go, and I tolerate it for now, because I make enough money to put away in storage and save up for the time when I will be the only one in charge of what I do and when. But, it still sucks.

Today, however, she let me off way earlier than usual, which allowed me to explore the West Village and the Meatpacking district during daylight hours. A rare treat. Sometimes I forget what the city looks like when the sun is shining.

I walked through an art installation on W 13th Street called the Light Cave. I liked it. It was puffy and cheerful.

It looked like this:


Afterwards, I walked to the water and stared out at it for a while. It’s strange how I can stare at moving water for a long while, think about absolutely nothing, and walk away feeling reborn. It is clear that I was made for island living.

Walking back to the street, I saw a familiar site: the Starlight Express Shuttle was parked in its usual spot outside Pastis. This is the bus that travels to and from Charlottesville (my old home of a decade) just thrice a week. It only sits in its spot for 20 minutes, and I must have passed by promptly in between 5:10 and 5:30 in order to have caught it. It was nice to see a piece of home here.


I walked east for a while, and then decided to walk up 5th Avenue. Usually I waltz right past Rockefeller Center without even pausing. I’m not terribly intrigued by it, tourist haven that it is, but tonight was different. 30 Rock is truly impressive at night. Particularly when you stand at its base and stare straight up. It looks like it might bend down and eat you.

And Split Rocker was there, too, and though I’d seen it from 5th Avenue before, I hadn’t walked up to it or around it or anything. And it’s fun! I don’t really love Koons, but ginormous herbaceous Split Rocker is pretty cool! And guess what? It’s shipping out on Friday! I almost missed it!

Weird chancey timing.

I guess, time is never in your control. And sometimes you just get lucky.

Streets Walked: Spring St. subway station to Broadway to Broome St. to Varick St. to 7th Ave. to Bedford St. to Grove St. to Bedford St. to Barrow St. to Bedford St. to Morton St. to 7th Ave. to W 4th St. to W 13th St. to West Side Highway to 24th St. to 5th Ave. to Rockefeller Center and around and back to 5th Ave to 118th St. to Home

Sights Seen: Split Rocker


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