West Village to East Harlem and “Crazy Piano Guy” In Between

I got back from another trip to Connecticut this evening. I’ve been out of town a lot this summer. Back and forth to Virginia three times in August alone. Countless trips to Connecticut for work. A day in Long Island here and there. I miss my New York. It’s perfect here.

I got back around 7:00 pm and headed straight to Washington Square Park. My friend and I have been planning more absurd public performances, and I was short on inspiration for performance ideas. Where does one go in such a dire situation? Well, that’s obvious.

The balloon dude was there, and the fake pigeon lady was there, and the crazy piano guy was there in all their glory. So I sat for a while and listened to the latter’s Shostakovich and Liszt, and the sun was setting, and I was at peace. I read a few chapters of Founders at Work, which is always a greatness-bolstering endeavor, and tonight was an “I’m kicking ass” kind of evening.

Even though I’m not.

I have yet to understand the vast majority of concepts of my online Python class, I’m thoroughly stumped as to how to get shy strangers to participate in our bizarre street performances, and I have yet to figure out how to quit my lynchpins-aren’t-wanted-here job and survive strictly off of my creative artistry.

But, tonight is an “I’m kicking ass” kind of evening nonetheless.

And as long as I have “I’m kicking ass” kind of evenings–as long as I believe that I’m kickass-capable–I will eventually kick ass. I’m kick-ass determined.

Woop woop.


Streets Walked : Clarkson St. to Hudson St. to Morton St. to 7th Ave. to Barrow St. to W 4th St. which becomes Washington Park South to Washington Park East through Washington Square Park 5th Ave. to Washington Park North to University Place which becomes Union Square West to 18th St. to Park Ave. to 34th St. to 5th Ave. to 40th St. to Park Ave. to 42nd St. to Lexington Ave. to 80th St. to Park Ave. to 118th St. to Home

Sights Seen: Balloon dude, Fake Pigeon Lady, Crazy Piano Guy


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