Wee Bit o’ East Harlem

I spent another one of my day’s off learning to code. Today, like most days, I ended up working at Target. Lame? Maybe, but the location’s right, the wifi’s free, and the soda cups are bottomless. It’s hard to see any progress in my learning. It’s true that I didn’t even know the difference between the Internet and the Web just two months ago, but I pretty sure that most 4th graders are more tech savvy than I. So, I’m in the doldrums again. You must think I’m always in the doldrums, but I’m not. Something amazing will come from this, I know. But, a good bit of the doldrums must be survived in order to get there. 

I have this desire to skip ahead. To skip the learning process and start doing. To see what is going to come of all this. Wouldn’t that be nice? Maybe. Probably not. 

I walked home late, as usual, and I strolled past the public housing complex on 120th Street. Someone–“they”–had put up these traveling spotlight centers all around the complex. Seven or eight blindingly-bright floodlights scattered throughout the courtyard and playground and such. I couldn’t figure out why. The streetlights seemed to be working just fine, and I couldn’t see the point of creating an unnatural daytime effect at a quarter to midnight. (Oh, sure, safety, safety. Whatever.) 

It was stupid. And fake. And a little bit like my desire to jump ahead in life. To find out what was lurking in the unseen future. To skip the hard parts and revel in the daylight.



Streets Walked: 118th St. to Park Ave. to 112th St. to Lexington Ave. to 110th St. to 1st Ave. to 111th St. through Thomas Jefferson Park to Pleasant Ave. to 120th St. to Madison to 118th St. to Home

Sights Seen: Light and Dark, Unnatural and Natural (respectively)


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