Nowhere New

I didn’t walk anywhere new tonight. Just a straight shot up 7th Avenue, over 34th to Madison, and then up up up, all the way home. Entirely utilitarian.

My end-of-relationship-induced apathy has yet to lift, and I haven’t been in the mood to look for any lovelies along my route.

But, I ran into a visibly-older-than-me man outside a restaurant on 69th. He told me his name was Louis, and then he grabbed my hand and kissed it (twice). Then he said, “Have a dream and enjoy your dream.”

Creepy old man thing to say, right?

But it was also sort of lovely. 

I want to dream again. I want to yearn and dream of the future and enjoy my head-on-the-pillow fantasies. But, I’m having trouble even hoping right now. 

But I’ll keep walking, utilitarian-style if I must. And the lovelies will come, unbidden. And I won’t be able to ignore them forever. 


Streets Walked: Clarkson St. to 7th Ave. to 34th St. to Madison Ave. to 118th St. to Home

Sights Seen: Louis, the hand-kisser


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